We serve more than just cold beer!
Fish and Chips
Dine with us in our "Kiwi Kai Kitchen" serving up Mussel-Mania specialties and plenty more.

We call our style kiwi kai with flair with an emphasis on mussels and aged steak plus good fresh salads and wholesome local fare.








For group occasions we can provide spit roasts and barbeques in our BBQ garden bar. 

It's better than your normal pub food we can tell you that!


Too full of food or beverages? - Contact us to book a room (or two!)

Phone: +64-9-4320306 


Available from 5pm 

Bangers and mash with Seasonal veges or Peas                             $12

Home-made Pie and Mash with Seasonal veg or peas                      $12

F.O.D *John Dory

Fish and Chips with fresh garden salad                

Pan-fried or Export tempura battered                           1pc $14    2pc   $19                    

Peppered Squid salad with coriander dressing                                  $15                          

Mussel Fritters with green garden salad and fries                            $12

Creamy Mussel Chowder with garlic bread                                     $10

Seafood Patter scallops, mussels, prawns, squid, fish                      $25

Steak Meals with fries and fresh garden salad

Rump 250 grms                                                                                   $23

Scotch Fillet                                                                                          $27

Lamb Shank cooked in red wine and garlic mint sauce  

with mash and seasonal veg                                         1pc $19     2pc $25

Gluten Free Pizza  You choose up to 4 toppings                                $15

All day Brekkie                                                                          ONLY $16

Bacon, sausages, hash brown, grilled tomato, eggs, mushrooms